Your Trusted Resource for Health and Weight Loss with Ideal Protein

A highly-trained, skilled and licensed pharmacist, Gurinder S. Brar, proprietor of Fairway Lackner Pharmacy, may be considered a trusted resource to you, your family and your community in all manner of health care issues.

With greater pressure being placed upon today’s often overburdened health care system, many Canadians are experiencing difficulty accessing medical counsel from their primary caregiver in a timely fashion (assuming they even have a family doctor). Increasingly, more people are turning to their pharmacists for advice on health issues; in fact, your accessible pharmacist is often your first line of health care in this province.

As a society, many individuals are on a road to major health issues. Poor life choices and a more sedentary lifestyle are resulting in concerns which can and likely will, at some point, affect our lives and those of our loved ones. Medical practitioners are seeing more patients with potentially life-threatening diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes – as well as the inherent complications each of those may bring.

Big, profit-oriented companies are well aware of this. That’s why there have been and will likely continue to be, various and often fantastic claims attributed to the latest diets. All most of these will do is affect a temporary impact, but if long-term changes in lifestyle is neither challenged nor initiated, any diet or weight loss program will inevitably fail.

Concerned, informed pharmacists such as Gurinder S. Brar and other medical practitioners, have recently been embracing and promoting a balanced, carbohydrate-reduced program called Ideal Protein – a medically-developed weight loss protocol, founded on science which helps burn fat at a rapid pace, resulting in proven weight loss.

Ideal Protein was developed more than 20 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, an award-winning graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. Dr. Tran Tien highlighted the key roles played by insulin and the pancreatic dysfunction in relation to obesity-related issues. He understood that numerous pathologies were strongly associated with being overweight and concluded that weight loss is essential for treating often chronic illnesses as type II diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and triglyceride issues, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and more. No less of an authority than the World Health Organization concurs with Dr. Tran Tien’s conclusions.

It’s important to note that Ideal Protein is a scientifically researched and proven protocol to help improve your health, moving you toward a better weight and away from hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. While there are specifically developed and formulated products you may purchase to assist you on your journey to wellness and improved health, the Ideal Protein program actually encourages your body to burn its fat reserves yet support muscle mass.

All Ideal Protein foods are made with high-quality protein which positively effects protein absorption. If
protein absorption is low, you won’t feel satisfied and you may experience powerful cravings that overcome your determination to succeed with your weight loss initiative. Therefore, to help dieters have as great a chance at success as possible, Ideal Protein foods contain protein with a very high biological value. With low protein absorption, you may not be able to protect your muscle mass and you will burn muscle along with fat. Should muscle be lost while dieting, you may actually impair your ability to burn calories post-diet, since your body uses muscle mass to burn calories.

Doctors continue to report that Ideal Protein results are repeatable and sustainable. In consultation with your licensed Pharmacist, Ideal Protein may help reduce hypertension, insulin imbalance, and other heart risks and factors associated with metabolic syndrome.

In the interest of full disclosure, both Gurinder and his wife, Baljit, a registered Ideal Protein coach, elected to experience the recommended program for themselves. It was important to determine and ensure that goals and objectives were attainable. Neither felt any adverse effects, physically or mentally, and had no negative symptoms related to hunger and satisfaction for the duration. Baljit lost 15lbs and Gurinder 14. Both felt great during the process and never experienced wanting in any way. Results were obvious within the first week. Weight was lost and clothes fit better. If anything, both, independent of one another, determined that they felt greater clarity as their bodies and metabolism adapted to a more balanced lifestyle.

You owe it to yourself – and your family – to address and improve your health. Consult with Gurinder S. Brar or his wife, Baljit today and challenge yourself to empower and reduce health risks – before it’s too late. Call (519) 954-8794 today and set up an appointment for a personal consultation.