Fairway Lackner Pharmacy (A Compounding Pharmacy in Kitchener)

A strong and trusting relationship with the right pharmacy can help make your healthcare decisions proactive and stress-free. Fairway Lackner Pharmacy offers a caring team of professionals who have your well-being at heart.

Owner and primary pharmacist, Gurinder Brar, has years of expertise and training including a Masters in Pharmacy with specialization in Pharmacology. For over 11 years, Gurinder was the proud owner of a Zellers pharmacy in Cambridge until the Zellers brand became defunct.

Seeking a fresh opportunity for growth, Gurinder established a new pharmacy in 2010 at the corner of Lackner Boulevard and Fairway Road in Kitchener. Now celebrating Fairway Lackner Pharmacy’s third anniversary, Gurinder is very grateful to have former Zellers customers along with his new pharmacy accounts. As well, he’s proud of his experienced team consisting of Sandeep as Head Pharmacy Assistant and Harp who works as a staff pharmacist.

Gurinder Brar, the pharmacist at Fairway Lackner Pharmacy stands smiling with arms crossed in his Kitchener pharmacy.

Gurinder Brar, Pharmacist

Your Trusted Pharmasave Partner and Custom Compounding Specialists

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy carries the Pharmasave moniker which refers to a group of independent pharmacy owners who pursue collective goals, education and improved buying power for the benefit of their customers. Operating as a regular full-service pharmacy, the store also serves as a dedicated compounding pharmacy. This specialty service allows highly trained professionals to prepare customized medications in unique dosage forms tailored to each individual.

Healthcare practitioners are coming to recognize that customized dosages can be more effective than traditional “one size fits all” delivery. Gurinder, who has taught compounding in pharmacy school, highly recommends choosing the compounding route. “If you can’t take ibuprofen through the stomach due to sensitivity,” says Gurinder, “we make creams which you can apply to a specific area for pain.”

Through compounding, you can create medications not commercially available in the form of transdermal gels, chewables, and lollipops (including flavouring of children’s antibiotics). As well, medications can be prepared free of dyes, sugar, lactose or alcohol if you have reactions to any of those additives.

Gurinder’s compounding expertise also extends to bio-identical hormones and anti-aging creams. “We compound anti-wrinkle formulas using special bases which are more elegant – not made from bulk – allowing us to add the exact amounts of moisturizer matched to your individual needs.”

The Fairway Lackner Pharmacy Team

Providing Care for Your Unique Health Needs

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy also specializes in a wide variety of Ostomy supplies and provides monthly diabetic clinics, free blood pressure monitoring, medication reviews and offers e-refills. Additional customer care includes blister packaging for patients taking many medications. “Don’t juggle with bottles,” advises Gurinder. “We make seven-day, custom packages for your convenience to ensure that you take your medications at the recommended time and in the proper dosage.”

Challenged by lower limb issues? Consider visiting our Kitchener pharmacy to consult with a certified compression stocking fitter. Staff members are always on hand to answer questions about your wellness concerns.

With your good health in mind, Gurinder is offering flu vaccine clinics each year. Time to take your vitamins! Visit Fairway Lackner Pharmacy’s full line of vitamins and ask us for special offers. Seniors are especially welcome to visit on Wednesdays to enjoy a 20% discount (excluding prescriptions). Always visit our website for ongoing promotions and details about the pharmacy’s many exceptional services.

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy is located at: 900 Fairway Crescent, Kitchener.

Tel: (519) 954-8794
Fax: (519) 954-8796
Email: brargs@rxrefill.ca

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 7pm, Saturday, 10am-3pm. Closed Sundays and holidays.