Local Delivery

Prescription Delivery Right to your Door

Fairway Lackner Pharmacy knows that you don’t always have the luxury, ability or time to travel to your favourite pharmacy. Save yourself the headache and let us deliver your prescriptions to you at your home. All you need to do is fill out our online form or call one of our friendly, professional pharmacists to sign up now.

  • Delivery To Your Home
  • Easy To Fill Out Online Form
  • Avoid Lineups And Wait Times
  • Pay By Cash, Or In Store
  • No Additional Costs
  • Same Day Delivery Available

At no inconvenience to you, we grant you access to our pharmacy in the comfort of your own home.  Allowing you to circumvent busy traffic, bad weather and reduce your points of contact to nasty bugs such as Covid-19 and the flu.  At Fairway Lackner Pharmacy we are committed to a strong and trusting relationship with our customers and our number one priority is you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers To Your Most Important Questions

Q. When can I expect delivery of my prescription?

A. Deliveries are made Monday – Friday between the hours of 2pm and 6pm.

Q. Do you offer same day delivery?

A. If you prescription request is submitted prior to 11:30am, you delivery will be dropped off on the same day. Please note, compounding prescriptions may take up to 24-48 hours to fulfill, and may delay delivery of your prescription.  

Q. What if I don’t have any prescription refills?

A. We will fax your doctor for a prescription renewal and will contact your with further details.

Q. Do you accept third party insurance?

A. Yes, we accept third party insurance coverage.

Q. What payment options are available for delivery?

A. You may pay by cash on delivery, or in person at the pharmacy. For frequent refills, we suggest preloading a credit onto your account at the pharmacy which may be debited each time you make a refill.

Q. Do I need to provide a signature or identification to receive my delivery?

A. Yes, you will require a valid photo ID, licence or health card to receive your prescription.

Q. Does someone need to be home to receive the delivery?

A. Yes, you must be home when the delivery person is there.

Q. Are all prescriptions eligible for delivery?

A. Yes, all prescriptions are eligible for delivery.