Mouthwash Compounding “MAGIC MOUTHWASH”

Mouthwash Compounding is also often referred to as Magic Mouthwash, and is typically prescribed by a physician to help patients with discomfort associated with oral pain. This can be caused by oral ulcers, mucositis, aphthous ulcers, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Some Facts About Magic Mouthwash

Many different types of ingredients can be configured depending on which type of treatment is needed as per individual. To ensure a highly successful healing rate it is best to always have a physician prescribe the correct formula to the pharmacist as each and every individual may have allergies or specific needs which may require some modifications implemented by the pharmacist.

Some Key Ingredients:

ANTACIDS – Maalox is typically used to sooth the stomach lining which in term coats the inside of the mouth in oral use.

STEROIDS – anti-inflammatory agent ( cortosteroids) this can aid in the reduction of inflammation and swelling of the gums

ANTIHISTAMINES – Diphenhydramine or lidocaine can also aid in reducing swelling and pain associated with oral discomfort.

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